Its nearly to the end of 2014

Woah it been awhile since anything got up here except some new photos and finally a new VFX / Roto / Compositing Demo Reel. Basically you have not miss much in 2014, I moved from being a Freelancer (VFX artist\ video editor\ photo editor \ photographer) / Part timer (2nd hand camera salesman) to a Full time/Apprentice at LucasFilm Singapore. I am trying to work my way up the long VFX ladder in this big big world, you won't see any credits of my name that soon. Maybe in 2016 or 17. but for now, this site will still be updated with new photo works when I have the energy to do them. BUT  if you still want to see updates from me, check my instagram -> @togusachan or my facebook page .
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Travel Notice: Hong Kong, 18th Nov to 2nd Dec

I am heading to Hong Kong for SIGGRAPH ASIA ( 18th- 22nd Nov) and i will be available after that for photoshoots (cosplay or even just a simple casual/concept shoot) Feel free to drop me an email @ if you like to just meet & chill or work together.

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